Having on on-site pharmacy at St. Francs Animal Hospital provides you convenience and, more importantly, provides more quality control over the drug and product inventory. You can be sure that any medications or products dispensed for use in your pet will have been properly sourced and handled and that the products will be both safe and effective.

Not all drugs are equal. Even when some drugs are equally safe and effective in humans, they may not be so in dogs and cats. You can trust us to know what works and what is safe for your pet.

About prescription refills: Every prescription refill requires a doctor’s review of the medical records. Please call ahead for prescription refills and we will do our best to have them ready as soon as possible. Please know that we will provide a written prescription if asked but we will not deal directly with internet pharmacies or respond to their faxed requests.

About prescription diets: We stock all the prescription diets that have been prescribed for our patients. To be sure your pet’s prescription food is available when you need it, we recommend that you call one week ahead of time.